'The Amazing Race': What's the Matterhorn?

The teams are in Switzerland, and taking helicopters! Zev and Justin are feeling first and fortunate. Kisha and Jen, departing second, are having more fun this time around. And they're going to have extra fun with that whole dollar for the leg of the race. Kent and Vyxsin put on extra glitter for this leg of the race (to match the snow), and are convinced they're getting along better. Kent and Vyxsin have trouble getting a cab, and Gary and Mallory don't. This pisses Kent off to the point of well, more complaining.

The Globetrotters catch up and everyone waits for their helicopters, departing five minutes apart. They have a lot of safety gear on, which worries some of the teams, while other team members are worried about the helicopter ride. Has their been a major heights Road Block yet? Read More...



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