'Chuck' - 'Chuck vs. Agent X': Vecas, baby! Vecas!

A quick review of tonight's "Chuck" coming up just as soon as I apologize for dishonoring your shirt... "We need to think of this weekend like a war." -Captain Awesome

"Chuck vs. Agent X" was kind of a hodge podge. It's a transitional episode setting up the end game with Volkoff that the season's final 2 episodes will focus on, but it also felt like an hour comprised of two or three different ideas that nobody could quite flesh out to fill up an entire episode, and so were compressed together. So we got a little bit of Chuck's bachelor party turning into a mission, and we got a bit of Chuck and Ellie finally revealing what each knows about the Intersect to each other, and then we got a second mission to England so Casey could meet the mother he never had and Chuck and Ellie could find out that their family's relationship to Alexi Volkoff is vastly more complicated than they had imagined. There have been plenty of "Chuck" episodes before that have featured multiple stories in multiple locales, but the seams connecting the pieces don't usually show as much as they did this week. Read More...



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