Gilmore Girls - Oy With The Poodles Already

Gilmore Girls was only introduced to me about 6 months ago and already - with a great help from SideReel i have already seen all 7 fantastic seasons and i have to say that Gilmore Girls will always be a show very close to my heart. I have to admit that i'm definatley going to miss the witty banter they use and all the memorable phrases that they have made famous such as "Oy with the poodles already". I'm also going to miss each and every character that wasn't in the actual Gilmore family, dearly because without each and everyone of them... from the town troubador to taylor, kirk and miss patty, to Michel, Sookie, Laine, Zach, Babette, Brian, Gil, and Mrs Kim and especially Luke, Rory's three main boyfriends, Dean, Jess and Logan and an almost boyfriend - Tristan! and many other characters that the show has introduced to us over the 7 seasons ...the show wouldn't have been as loved as it was!!

Overall, if you havn't seen Gilmore Girls then i highly recommend it to ANYONE!! whether you're old/young, male/female there is always something that everyone can find to love about Gilmore Girl However, some references may not be entirely suitable to young children so advise parental guidence but most of the time its okay!! Also i found that my younger cousin has decided she's wanted to learn more and concentrate more at school because of Alexis Bledel's Character Rory influencing her with her role on the show so therefore I highly advise adults to allow/show children who aren't to keane in school this show and they too may be influenced to better by the role of Rory Gilmore!!

Thank you for reading and Goodbye xx


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