'How I Met Your Mother' Season 6, Episode 22 Recap

Silliness is a tool that's hard to manage if you're a sitcom writer. Used well, it can do a good job of wrapping a more emotional story in laughs and guffaws. Used poorly, it's as glaring as a watch reflecting the sun. In other words, it becomes more of a distraction than anything else.

Tonight's episode had some very clever silliness, but it also had some dumb silliness. And, if you didn't realize where I was going with this, the dumb silliness was mostly in the Ted/Zoey story. Maybe I'm thinking that way because I've soured on this coupling, or it could be because I know that they're doomed to a bad breakup. But the hoops that we jumped to get us to the climax of that story tonight had me rolling my eyes a bit. Read More...



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