'Stargate Universe' Season 2, Episode 19 Recap

Impressive episodes like 'Blockade' are making this cancellation business really hard to swallow.

From start to finish, this was easily one of the most exciting and compelling hours of 'Stargate Universe' to ever hit the air. I don't think there's another show on TV right now that's offering this kind of classic sci-fi shoot-em-up-fun mixed with genuine suspense, great character moments and an intriguing long-form story arc.

I'd be rejoicing about the show's recent creative comeback if we had another season, or at least a TV movie or two, ahead of us. But, sadly, 'SGU' is a done deal. Well, at least it's going out with style.

This week's episode combined two types of story lines we've seen in the past for maximum impact: The risky plan to save the ship, and the dangerous away mission. Read More...



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