90210 Review: "Women On The Verge"

Silver found life to be wondrous on "Women On The Verge."

From her orgasmic grilled cheese to her delusional conviction that she had gotten into NYU, life couldn't have been better. Until it wasn't.

Well, what can you expect when someone's messed with your meds and you're basically just winging it? Poor Silver. Plunged into a world of darkness and despair when she found out she wasn't accepted into NYU, she decided hunkering down under the covers and withdrawing from life was the best solution. Navid tried to help her out of her funk and got his head promptly bitten off when he dared to ask Silver if she'd been taking her meds. Yes, Navid, she's been taking her meds. The wrong ones. Thanks Adrianna! Read More,,,



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