'90210' Recap: 'Women On The Verge'

Geek certainly is the new chic. West Beverly students were starting to see the fruits of their labors last night, as college acceptance (and rejection) letters began landing in their mailboxes. While Silver and Annie have been dreaming of schools far and away from the Hollywood scene—NYU and CMU, respectively—Naomi is just a CU girl at heart. And what school wouldn't want her? She's a trendsetter!

Thankfully that lucky thong finally paid off (before she had to go one more day without washing it), as well as those months of actually doing school work. Newly official boyfriend Max was also accepted to his dream school (no surprise there). But because M.I.T. is in...Massachusetts—and because Max is more scientific than romantic—the couple had a hard time getting past their impending separation. (Very Seth and Summer circa season two of "The O.C.") These two have gotten past their differences before, from "Avatar" to the academic invitational, so what's a few thousand miles? (Uh, a lot when we're talking about Naomi and hot older CU students. And what about MIT's flautists?) Before any hearts were broken, Max realized that he couldn't let Naomi sacrifice her dream by going to BU to be closer to him (but it's so sweet that she wanted to!). Instead, he'd settle for "one of the best" astrophysics programs in the world at nearby Cal Tech, which is a better move because I can't picture Naomi in winter hats. Much more of a Romeo than Einstein. Well played, nerd. But before school starts, maybe you could give Naomi a geography lesson or two? Beantown is not on the other end of that telescope. Read More...



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