'The Chicago Code' 1.10 'Bathhouse & Hinky Dink' Review

Among the many things I love about The Chicago Code, one of the biggest is that it is never formulaic. While there's an individual story each week, it's more often than not just a springboard for the sprawling tale that the show really has to tell, with us uncovering new pieces every episode. This is one of those episodes. It starts simple enough, but it's not at all like it first appears. This is television at its smartest.

This week, after a city Waste & Sanitation official named Darren Wall sees his corruption trial end in a hung jury, the prosecuting attorney (Tamlyn Tomita, who's also the medical examiner on Law & Order: Los Angeles) gives Jarek and Teresa just days to prove the tampering or risk losing Wall for good. However, that's just part of a bigger conspiracy which provides headaches for several of our main characters. This is not a neat show, and it never will be. I think that's one of its charms.

Jarek is all too happy to sink his teeth into this one, which means plenty of scenery-chewing for Jason Clarke, including a great confrontation with Wall in his office where Jarek nearly hits him with a baseball. I know I've said this before, but I'll say it again: Clarke really is a force when he's on screen, and he makes the most of substantive material like this. The writers for The Chicago Code do a great job of giving him things to work with, without making Jarek's behavior over the top and therefore implausible as a real cop. It's great to watch unfold. Read More...



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