CASTLE “To Love and Die in L.A.” Review

CASTLE "To Love and Die in L.A." Season 3 Episode 22 – Beckett and Castle head out to LA after Royce is found shot dead in New York and the evidence leads them back to his home. Considering the victim is her first partner, the captain thinks she’s too close and tries to take her off the case, which of course works as well as you think it would.

So Beckett is there officially on vacation and while she may not have her badge, she still finds other ways to do her job. They get help from Gene Simmons, meet Ryan and Esposito’s alter egos, Raley and Ochoa, and use them to question a witness, and Beckett even dons a bikini to question their suspect.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, or in this case back at the precinct, the real Ryan and Esposito do their usually fantastic job of backing up Beckett. Also, I did enjoy the fact that we got a little bit of lovey dovey with Esposito and Lanie. Her showing her jealous side was super cute. Read More...


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