UNITED STATES OF TARA “The Road to Hell is Paved with Breast Intentions” Review

UNITED STATES OF TARA "The Road To Hell Is Paved With Breast Intentions" Season 3 Episode 6 – Neil, stuck for dough and looking for an easy fix, calls up Tara and Charmaine’s mother in the hopes that in exchange for a little Wheels time she’ll give them the cash they need. Meanwhile Kate finds herself enchanted by a passenger, Marshall and Noel start searching for the meaning of their film and Tara and Dr Hattaras continue their one on one therapy sessions.

Halfway through the season and the third season of United States of Tara is deliberately building momentum in at least two storylines: Tara and Dr Hattaras continue to hash out the finer points of DID. Dr Hattaras is still a non believer, but he pushes Tara to do something hard in order to truly challenger her alters and show them who is the boss. The hardest thing Tara can bring herself to do is speak to her mother, who is back in town thanks to Neil and bringing out the best in T and Alice. Collette and Izzard have a great rapport going on between them, and their scenes interject easily into the main drama of the show.

Neil’s plan to fetch a goldmine out of Charmaine’s mother backfired when it is revealed that she has no more money after putting her husband in a nursing home. Neil now has to get himself a job, which will take him away from the family for two months. Read More...



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