THE CHICAGO CODE “Bathhouse and Hinky Dink” Review

THE CHICAGO CODE "Bathhouse and Hinky Dink" Season 1 Episode 10 – This is the first time since the pilot that The Chicago Code has really lived up not only to its potential, but has actually brought the corruption focus promised in the premiere back to Alderman Gibbons. After a case against a corrupt city official is declared a mistrial, Colvin and Wysocki decide to dig around, but thanks to Liam’s snooping, what started off as an investigation into jury tampering turned into an undercover investigation into the leader of the Irish mob and the most powerful man in the city.

The Isaac and Vonda storyline is indeed problematic, and seems more suited to a stint on Rookie Blue than The Chicago Code, but it’s not frustrating. Watching two good looking people hunt down arms dealers is not exactly a hardship. The main problem with their storyline is that it is so disjointed from the main case.

I’ve had a lot of problems with the show, but one of my central peeves has been about Liam, who was never convincing as an undercover. In this episode he was finally put to good use and his storyline was definitely one of the best of the night. Read More...


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