CHUCK “Chuck Versus Agent X” Review

CHUCK "Chuck Versus Agent X" Season 4 Episode 22 – Sometimes Chuck seems like the best show on television. Other times the show decides that girls have fun by dressing each other up in toilet paper. The difference between Chuck at its best and Chuck at its worst often occurs within the same episode, particularly the Chuck formula: crappy first half, awesome second half. That’s exactly how this episode turned out.

The fact of the matter is that the writers of Chuck, when trying to create funny scenarios, often fail horribly. I sort of wished the whole Las Vecas thing had never happened and really, by the end of the episode I had forgotten it.

Instead, I want to focus on the awesome reveal (finally!) to Ellie. For four seasons Ellie has played the straight man, the undeserving mother hen clucking and nagging her way through a stream of deceit and cover ups. The show has struggled to justify why she had to be kept out of the loop, and after season three, where she finally learned that her father and brother were spies, and watched her father get shot, I thought the show had finally come round and she was about to step front and centre into Chuck’s world. The show made a ridiculous and frankly crappy U-turn when Ellie went back to being the one in the dark, but this episode everything has finally changed. Ellie finally found out about HQ, about her brother’s identity, her father’s work and the Intersect. Read More...


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