NURSE JACKIE “Where The Saints Go” Review

NURSE JACKIE "Where The Saints Go" Season 3 Episode 6 – When your daughter Grace (Ruby Jerins) starts Googling "LUCIFER," that’s probably a strong warning she may be headed in the wrong direction. In life, I mean. Well, maybe the afterlife too. I’m not sure. That kid seemed pretty interested.

"He didn’t care, he still wanted to be God, so he became God. The God of Hell."

Thank you, Grace!

Either way, I thought it was funny that the search engine found:


Jackie: "I’m very grateful for Justin Bieber right about now."

"Where The Saints Go" was the usual funny Nurse Jackie stuff. Jackie is, as usual, both awesome and maddening. The fact that she completely pwnd Kevin with her own (inspired by Satan?) search engine history trick was both nasty and brilliant all at once. I think it’s safe to say she’s just pretty much surrendered to her addiction.

Not that she ever really fought it.


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