MAD LOVE “The Secret Life of Larry” Review

MAD LOVE "The Secret Life of Larry" Season 1 Episode 11 – In this episode Larry tries to do Connie a favor and ends up screwing it up, just like he always does. I have to wonder though if maybe a part of him is doing this type of stuff on purpose. Anyone notice that every time he screws up royally he and Connie end up spending a lot of time alone together? This is classic little boy pulling the little girl’s hair on the play ground and making her cry because he has a crush on her. And now that Connie has seen his softer side with the kid, I think we’re all just waiting for them to finally admit they like each other.

Meanwhile Kate is upset that Ben went around telling everyone about her shower radio incident and again they learn something about each other. They learn that they both take themselves too seriously and neither of them is perfect. Then they embrace their flaws and take a shower together, with the radio. Read More...


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