HOUSE “Changes” Review

HOUSE "Changes" Season 7 Episode 20 - "We are who we are. Lottery sucks." Thirteen pretty much sums up the "Changes" episode of HOUSE right there. Everyone is miserable and the show is trying to recapture the pre-Huddy House and Cuddy in a post-Huddy wasteland.

Donal Logue, who can do angst like no one else, is excellent as the hard luck lottery winner who "will always be hopeful, so he’ll always be happy." A moment of silence for the late, great Terriers, please, and some extra good thoughts that someone find this man a wonderful new show that will stick. Throw in a few to get Megan Follows on my TV more regularly, too. Oh, Anne of Green Gables, how nice it is to see you, even if you’re teaming up to con poor Cyrus. Oh, and I called the con solely because David Costabile, who plays Cyrus’ buddy Phil was a bad federal marshal in The Unusuals. Hee. The medicine is semi-interesting with paralysis, seizures, three cancers, and some fun vomit, all of which is caused by a teratoma with primitive cells. The long-lost love story I can take or leave, but that’s mostly because romance only comes to this show to die. Read More...


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