'United States Of Tara' - The Road To Hell Is Paved With Breast Intentions May 2

Tara, working outside, is bedevilled by a cawing crow. She transitions into Buck, who shoots the crow, then back into herself as Tara. While telling Dr Hatteras about the incident, she says that she thinks the contract they’ve made is really working out. He’s more concerned with what Tara is not telling him, like how she’s dealing with Max. She claims they’ve talking about his worries, but Hatteras says having sex instead of talking is not dealing with a problem. He’s concerned that she has settled for things being ‘fine.’

Max is not happy with his new job at OrgaLawn, and the tricks they use on their customers. They use ‘Flowers Be Beautiful’ spray to make the flowers smell nice, and green dye to give lawns the appearance of being well tended. Tara thinks he shouldn’t care so much, as it’s just a job. A job that lets him come home for lunch, and have sex on the table. Problem is, Max is aware it wasn’t Tara he was having sex with, but T. He tells her again that he just wants her, Tara, in his life, not the other characters within her. Read More...



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