'Castle' Recap: 3x22 - 'To Love and Die in LA' Takes A Field Trip To Sunny California

Mike Royce, Beckett’s former mentor returned last night onCastle! For those who had forgotten, in Royce’s last episode, he turned out to be a dirty cop that took bribes and impeded Beckett’s progress on a case. She was also in love with him, so his betrayal was especially harsh. Royce drags himself across pavement while an ominous man stalks him with a gun and a silencer. The man shoots Royce.

Jump ahead to the crime scene: Captain Montgomery looks grim, Castle looks unsure and Beckett just looks sad. No one wants Beckett to see Royce’s body, but she’s made of tougher stuff and she wants closure. Lanie gives Beckett the details: shot in the leg, crawled away, got shot. Beckett tells them that, last she heard, Royce moved to LA after he lost his bounty hunter license. Lanie finds one more thing: a letter in Royce’s pocket addressed to Beckett. Read More...



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