Camelot: "Justice" Review

With Merlin absent, Arthur turns Camelot into an episode of Law & Order. After coming across the near execution of a village man, Arthur sets out to have a proper hearing in hopes of establishing Camelot as a fair and just kingdom. Unfortunately, the story they chose was more predictable than enjoyable. It was obvious from the outset that there was a seedy underside to the village that no one wanted to talk about. I still see where they were going with this storyline though. It's meant to establish Arthur's brand of justice in comparison to his sister's. In the latter half of the episode, Gawain has the opportunity to kill one of the villagers responsible for the rape of young women. Arthur spares the man. This scene is juxtaposed with Morgan's own sentencing of a man with swift and immediate execution. I don't necessarily think we required this comparison of Arthur and Morgan's brand of justice. After four episodes, we pretty much know who both siblings are, making this a rather pointless demonstration.  Read More...


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