Smallville: "Dominion" Review

Kneel before Zod!! That never gets old. The return of Zod (Callum Blue) did not disappoint. Callum's given quite a bit of important dialogue to deliver, both in his scene with Clark and with Oliverand he does a great job. I actually miss Callum's presence on the show. He made a damn good villain last season and it's great to see him back, even if his stay is short. The new beard suits Zod and visually links him closer to his film counterpart. Not only that, the roundabout explanation as to how this Zod, who was originally a younger clone, is now the actual General Zod, made a twisted sort of sense. It's an odd way of trying to tie the Smallville story into the original film series continuity and it technically works. The original General Zod's phantom combining with Zod to form… err… Zod is fine with me. Especially now that he's trapped in the Phantom Zone waiting to be released with his pals in Superman II: The Donner Cut. We don't know how Zod makes his appearance in The Man of Steel yet, but maybe this will link up with that too. Continuity porn at its finest.  Read More...


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