Fast Five - Review

Fast Five, Paul Walker, ... | WHY, IT'S GREASED LIGHTNING! Paul Walker and Vin Diesel return for Fast Five

Early on in the propulsive and cheeky-cool Fast Five, Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, our awesomely photogenic heroes, steal a very expensive sports car off a moving train. They tear the side of the train off, drive the auto away, and then zoom it over a cliff. That last bit isn't really part of the plan — it's just what happens — and when they escape in free fall, with a stomach-dropping whoosh, plunging into a space vast and wide enough to be the air above the Grand Canyon, it's like that daredevil leap inButch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. There's barely a sound except for the audience going ''Ohhhhhh!'' Now, that's entertainment. It's what keeps so many of us coming back to theFast/Furious franchise: the vicarious promise of cheating death, all executed in such a casual, youthful fashion that it could almost be a dance move. Read More...,,20485146,00.html


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