Prom - Review

Prom | PERFECT DRESS Aimee Teegarden getting ready for that special night in Prom

Ah, the prom! Is there a moment in American teenage life as dizzy with contradiction? It's the last party of high school but also the first night of playacting at being all grown up. You're invited to dress in stiff formals that look like they came out of your parents' closet. You're invited to dance under spangly fake stars that (if you drink enough punch) are more bedazzling than real ones. It's also an evening when the high school caste system supposedly gets abandoned and everyone is equal — except, of course, for the king and queen, who get to make everyone else there feel like peasants. There's such pretense to the prom, yet in a way that's the whole point. Adulthood, even after you've reached it, is its own pretense. Is it any wonder that most of us had a great time on prom night and also hated it a little bit, too? Read More...,,20485098,00.html


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