'Chuck' Recap: The Dangers of Mistaken Identity

It's been a few weeks since the last timeChuck changed the entire game on us. So I guess it was time to do it again? With results this good, it was most definitely time for a change.

At its most fundamental level, "Chuck vs. Agent X" was all about mistaken identity. Over and over again, identities and secrets came into question, and every major plot point came about as a result. But let's put the impressively intricate nature of the writing aside to go through what actually happened.

Bachelor Parties!

Crazy party time! Except not so much in the end. 

Chuck and the boys (by which I mean every single male member of the cast) head off to a weekend of debauchery in Las Vegas. Only it's not Las Vegas. By putting Captain Awesome in charge of the extravaganza, the men end up at the Las Vecas campground. The general dismay is short-lived, however, since the bad guys are closing in. Read More...



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