'How I Met Your Mother' Review: Perfect Cocktails and Imperfect Couples

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Carter Bays revealed more information about the upcoming wedding in the May 16 How I Met Your Mother finale. Here's the vital stuff, summed up nicely by EW's Tanner Stransky:

"You won't be meeting the mother on May 16 because we don't actually see much of the wedding -- viewers will actually just see a brief, wedding-prep scene that reveals one half of who is tying the knot. Then, cameras will quickly cut to black for the summer. But this is the wedding where we will indeed meet the mother, as was promised in the season premiere. [...]  This wedding, as you probably guessed, is set a year ahead of the show's present, meaning we're at least one full season (but very likely more) away from meeting the girl with the yellow umbrella. This final scene, however, does set things into motion for the series' eventual endgame." Read More...



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