'Gossip Girl': Is Chuck Bass abusive? E.P. says no; we beg to differ


On Monday (May 2) night's episode of "Gossip Girl," Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) wasn't really feeling like himself. He was sporting "I'm-on-a-bender" facial hair at the beginning of the episode, and wacky camera angles were used to create a disorienting feeling during all of his scenes. We've seen Chuck's dark side before (not that he has any particularly light sides), but in one of the final scenes of the episode, he went particularly off the rails.After humiliating Blair (Leighton Meester) by crudely airing details of their sex life to a woman she was trying to impress, Chuck went home to continue to drink himself into a stupor. Blair met him there to tell him that the Prince had proposed to her. She wasn't malicious or intending to use the revelation to hurt him. She was just asking that he acknowledge reality. Considering his behavior at the party, she was surprisingly gentle with him.Chuck made excuses...



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