Glee Review: "Rumours"

Glee paid tribute to Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" this week and is was the truth. 

The only cheese in this week's episode "Rumours" was in Brittany's fondue pot. Brittany and Lord Tubbington were a great kick off to the episode. Did anyone notice the photos on the wall behind her though? They didn't look like they were shots of her or were they? Maybe I was the stupid one Artie, either way Brittany was completely dope all episode long.

Sue did seem a bit unhinged but she did paranoid well and made for a hilarious Ann Coulter. 

April was good in her return even if she looked a little like Magda from There's Something About Mary as she sipped her drink in Sue's office. Loved her line about drinking her dinner these days while having the straw in the wine glass to boot. The woman can sing that is for certain. Anyone else catch her sneaking a peak at Will's rear end after the performance of "Dreams?" Read More...


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