'Glee' recap: Fondue for Two, Rumors for All

Opinions about the last two episodes of Gleehave been varied, to say the least. But there are a few things about last night's episode that I think we can all agree on: It had its ups (Fondue for Two! Kristin Chenoweth!), its downs (Is that really how they're using Sue these days?), and its OMGs (Sam!!), and introduced us to the fattest cat on television (all hail Lord Tubbington).

So let's get together and run through the episode -- but don't come too close to me; I might steal all your gold.

We opened with the first episode of Brittany's new Web series Fondue for Two, first shown to you by Mandi Bierly yesterday, which (1) I hope becomes a regular feature and (2) really set up tonight's theme (rumors) in a clever way that didn't involve Mr. Schue writing it on the board. (He eventually did, though. Boo.) Instead, Brittany dropped a bomb to her two guests (Tina and Mercedes): "Santana plays for the other team." Now, Glee fans knew immediately that Brittany had definitely misspoken and that her words were meant to be interpreted in a context other than sexuality -- because she would never out Santana like that. Nonetheless, it started the rumor mill in a major way. Read More...



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