'The Good Wife': What are Peter and Cary up to?


Apologies for the lateness of this recap. Due to some technical difficulties, we couldn't get to it until this morning. But let's jump right into the episode, shall we?Liver AloneThe "Good Wife" case of the week is Marjorie, a woman desperately in need of a new liver. When one becomes available, Marjorie (a regular person, not well off) is bumped from the list by her hospital because a wealthy donor needs a liver too and is a match to both of them. Alicia is there to save the day - with a little help from our old friend Patti Nyholm (the always delightful Martha Plimpton).So in another case of the week, Patti is fired from her firm. She claims it's because she's pregnant again, they claim it's because she was trying to steal clients and start her own firm. She starts feeding Lockhart/Gardner information about the liver case, as she was opposing council. It's super-duper...



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