'Nurse Jackie' 'When The Saints Go' Recap May 2

At the pub, Grace has been Google-ing various names for Satan.  Oh, and Justin Bieber, which I believe, may be another of those names. Then Aunt Tunie explains to Fiona and Grace that, should they be arrested, they should use their one phone call to call her. A fight breaks out between two patrons, and Kevin brandishes a baseball bat to make them leave. Later that night, Jackie and Kevin gets amorous.

Next morning, Jackie is Google-ing various names for oxycontin. But when Kevin checks Jackie’s history, all he finds are searches for AA meetings and withdrawal symptoms. Later, Tunie tells Jackie that Kevin is like a new man since he ‘found out’ she’s going to meetings.

At the hospital, the saint statues are being removed. Eddie tells Jackie that he’s going to ask Tunie for a date. Later that day, Jackie asks him not to.  A new temp nurse, Kelly Slater, is hired, and proceeds to take over Jackie’s ER. While O’Hara works on a young woman hit by a stray bullet who’s only concern is her dog, (it’s in the Paramedic’s van) Coop works on a young cop who’s blowing his injuries out of proportion, in order to get morphine and the admiration of his peers. Read More...



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