Gossip Girl Quotes! The 10 Best From Season 4, Episode 20: "The Princesses and the Frog"

Applause to the Gossip Girl writers: Snappy lines are the main reason we tune in each week. Keep the Bassness coming!

10. First comes love, then comes carriageDorota (after Louis admits he’s getting married): Maybe you hear wrong. Maybe she said "carried." Maybe he getting carried.9. Chuck’s couture clock is brokenNate, as Chuck, in a bathrobe, pours himself a drink: It’s 4:00. Smoking jacket hour, man.8. Rufus embraces his servitudeDan (to Rufus, who is carrying a tea tray): Well, ‘ello, Jeeves.Rufus: We’re watching Downton Abbey. Edwardian social dramas apparently demand crumpets. 




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