THE GOOD WIFE “In Sickness” Review

THE GOOD WIFE "In Sickness" Season 2 Episode 21 – Julianna Margulies’ Alicia Florrick has always been the stoic, reserved central figure on a show filled with flashy supporting characters. She handles chaos with a calm, clear-headed focus that makes the tantrums and monologues spewed on other shows by so tediously overwrought. Last year Margulies lost the Emmy to perennial nominee Kyra Sedgewick. This year, with this episode in the bag, she’s sure as hell the frontrunner for the trophy. What I mean to say is Julianna Margulies knocked this episode out of the park.

The revelation that Peter slept with Kalinda has sent Mrs Florrick into a tailspin of distress. She forgave her husband for the toe sucking strippers, but she cannot forgive him for sleeping with her best friend. "Did you rape her?" She asked with venomous sarcasm. Overnight she packed all of his things into boxes, found an apartment, paid for the first three months rent and kicked his ass to the $2800 a month curb. Read More...


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