TRAFFIC LIGHT “Where The Heart Is” Review

TRAFFIC LIGHT "Where The Heart Is" Episode 11 – Okay, okay. This show may actually be close to winning me over. There. I said it.

It was a grudging thing at first, and the couple dynamics are still a little weird; like pretty much the girls win every confrontation (or they at least get in the best digs). But this episode was enjoyable on a number of small levels.

Now I’m not exactly ready to throw my hands up and declare the next Friends—some perspective here, please—but at the very least it was able to showcase its people in a more favorable light. The GPS rivalry between Mike (Dave Denman) and Lisa (Liza Lapira, who improves with every episode) was fun in that you really weren’t sure where it was going to go; double irony points for the fact that Lisa finally found him using that tried and true method of knowledge coupled with intuition.

I still don’t know what would attract a girl to a caveman like Mike (I guess he has money, there’s that), but hey. It seemed to work here, and I found myself drawn into their little war of attrition. Read More...


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