NCIS “Baltimore” Review

NCIS "Baltimore" Season 8 Episode 22 – Wanna know how you can tell when I really like an episode of a television show? My reviews are about twice as long as normal. So sit back and get comfortable people, because this one is gonna be another doozy. There’s so much to love that I also have my second usual problem that comes from watching a fantastic episode – I hardly know where to begin.

Those of us fans who love the dynamic and partnership between Tony and Gibbs have been dying to know how the two first met. Tonight, it finally happened. We got a lot more than that though and I thought it great how they mixed in so many nods to us fans who have seen every episode (some of us having seen them multiple times each). From the origin of the Mighty Mouse stapler, to Tony’s taste in clothes, to all the great one-liners that referenced things like the plague and Pacci’s unfortunate death – all were woven in cleverly and so much fun to find, like little bits of treasure hidden throughout. Read More...


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