THE EVENT “Us or Them” Review

THE EVENT "Us or Them" Season 1 Episode 19 - Martinez is still fighting for his life this week, necessitating the swearing in of Jarvis as Acting President. He seems to think he’s hit the jackpot – up until Sterling provides proof that the President’s stroke was unnatural and Sophia calls to make demands that will reflect badly on Jarvis once word gets out.

When Simon Lee beats up one of her right hand men, Sophia orders his death. The responsibility falls to Michael, but Leila changes his mind about the situation. Michael helps Simon escape instead – he even gets a substance sample/antidote to help the president too – before being killed by Sophia’s people himself.

In their quest to track down and stop the Spanish flu-incubating lungs, Sean and Vicky board a plane and play a mile high version of Guess Who?. Given that their only suspect, the world’s worst drug smuggler, is found to be harmless, their only other option is to email one of Vicky’s old CIA contacts and inform them of the situation. A military escort is sent to guide the plane home, but Sophia has Jarvis terminate this, leaving Sean and Vicky to track down the lungs themselves. Read More...


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