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The Simpsons or Family Guy?!

What do you like better?! The Simpsons or Family Guy.

For me it's the simpsons as the Simpsons is the original animated adult comedy series and family guy is just a knock off. Family guy ripped like a thousand jokes off of the simpsons. Besides that the Simpsons have been around and have been successful for like 18 years continuously while family guy was here for two years -was cancelled- and then came back again. The Simpsons rule! I just find the simpsons to be more contstantly funny, although I watch the family guy sometimes.

What do you think?


| 15:18 EDT, 13 Jul, 2009
Family Guy all the way!!!!!!!!!!! The Simpsons has not been has good as it used to be since the 15th-16th Season. Where as Family Guy has never got bad. (Apart from possibly the last couple in the last season).
| 17:22 EDT, 24 May, 2009
Stewie pwns Maggie.. Famguy ftw!
| 12:25 EDT, 17 May, 2009
The simpsons is the 'best' But i like family guy better.
| 06:42 EDT, 17 May, 2009
I loved the Simpsons and I agree that it paved the road for Family Guy, but even I have to admit Family Guy is much funnier. We can't forget that South Park probably also paved the way for Family Guy, being much more open and controversial than The Simpsons. Family Guy perhaps used some material from The Simpsons, but not a lot. Family Guy does comedy The Simpsons NEVER could have done. The Simpsons format is restrictive despite being animated, and FG jokes would have been too controversial for the time period. Remember, FG was actually canceled and brought back to life by DVD sales and Cartoon Network ratings. When FG first came out, I don't think people were ready for it. Give FG credit! It does stuff in a way no show of its kind has ever done. Simpsons should have bowed out gracefully years ago. Just because a show has many seasons doesn't mean it should continue or even that it gets good ratings. Look at King of the Hill. That show was never that popular and has always sucked, and it has like 13 seasons!
| 13:03 EDT, 23 Oct, 2008
u can't reeeally compare the two shows, they each have their own style and comedic approach, just depends on what your taste is.... Personally, i like both, but having said that, i do follow Family Guy more than Simpsons :P
| 22:14 EDT, 19 Oct, 2008
Why Bother even knowing there two great shows.
| 11:45 EDT, 11 Oct, 2008
Everything on the Family Guy is funny. But all their jokes were way funnier the 1st time... when they did them on the SIMPSONS !!
| 16:22 EDT, 07 Oct, 2008
i agree that the simpsons is a classic but Family Guy is plainly just funnier, end of story! lol
| 00:41 EDT, 07 Oct, 2008
lisa and marge are so freaking boring!!!if the episode is about one of them i switch the guy is far more critical and always funny.the first seasons of the simpsons are very good but the newer ones aren´t that funny anymore.and i hate all the special episodes with stars etc.just because it was the first doesn´t mean it´s still the best!family guy rocks!best cartoon show ever!
| 12:56 EDT, 28 Sep, 2008
this is directed @ fredda; i actually believe it would be the other way around, the first 11 or so seasons of the simpsons wasn't just obvious and monotinous jokes like family guy, the simpsons actually has a bit of depth and intelligence to it (well it used to, i dont much like the last few seasons). although i like family guy and do believe it is sometimes funnier then the simpsons, the simpsons has been more consistant and is a more varied form of comedy as well. im so sick of the lame family guy jokes where they keep repeating something in one scene for like 20 seconds. and its so easy for them to make most of the drones watching laugh (cue peter saying "hey, remember that time i ate that pancake with my toes" or something really "random" of that nature). i just read igavin's post as i was typing and couldn't agree more, good to see there is some of us out there with some sense still. viva la simpsons (from the 18 year old)
| 19:17 EDT, 16 Sep, 2008
By the way Fredda, I'm 16, and I find Family Guy to be much more predictable than The Simpsons. At least Simpsons can come up with fresh stuff, look at Family Guy with the recurring chicken fights or piano men. I find it hilarious that somebody would find The Simpsons predictable before Family Guy. In fact, 10 year olds are usually the ones to like Family Guy better than the Simpsons, usually just paying attention to 'rude jokes'. I have an 11 year old stepbrother who had 5 friends round the other week, and all I heard in the background while I was on the couch was a bunch of kids quoting Ollie the weather guy and Quagmire, probably two of the most childish available quotes from the show. People who aren't kid's (which apparently doesn't include you) can see the true value and fresh antics of a show by deeper qualities, something you probably wouldn't understand.
| 19:09 EDT, 16 Sep, 2008
I don't think anything can possibly beat The Simpsons. It's the Mac daddy of not just adult cartoons, bu cartoons in general. Maybe even the Mac Daddy of all television. Every other show like Family Guy and South Park, although with their own style of jokes and usually with a special something that simpsons doesn't have, is still at basic a copy of The simpsons, and it is my strong belief that without The Simpsons first, such shows would never have been made.
| 18:52 EDT, 04 Sep, 2008
There would be no Family Guy without the Simpsons first. That being said, Family Guy is funnier, but it can go up and down. The first two seasons were laugh out loud funny, now I find it to be hit or miss. Simpsons going steady into their 20th season. I could not imagine Family Guy being able to sustain itself that long. If you want to watch a specific episode like PTV and laugh out loud it Family Guy, but for overall greatness and consistency, I have to give my vote to the Simpsons.
| 00:57 EDT, 01 Sep, 2008
The Simpson's were the original and broke all the ground and laid the way for the others, like Family Guy, that followed. BTW, Fredda I'm 36 and know what broke all the ground first, and it was The Simpsons.
| 16:19 EDT, 31 Aug, 2008
simpsons are fricking lame fell asleep whilst watching one of the episodes whereas in family guy even though the story would suck sometimes i would still laugh my ass off at some of the random things that go on there but the majority of the episodes are awesome!!
| 06:59 EDT, 23 Aug, 2008
Family guy ofcourse. I bet everryone who says Simpsons is under the age of 10. most simpson jokes are childish and you know what they're gonna say before they say it most of the times.
| 07:39 EDT, 19 Aug, 2008
i dont like family guy and i agree with jackieu! you cant just steal all the jokes and by making it more vulgar you dont make it better.
| 17:24 EDT, 13 Aug, 2008
Grew up on Simpsons, but moved on when someone told me about Family Guy. Watched a few episodes, thought it was stupid but still made me laugh harder then ever.
| 16:01 EDT, 13 Aug, 2008
Simpson, Simpsons, Simpsons! Just like South Park said, everything has already been done before by the Simpsons! They are the original deal.
| 15:14 EDT, 13 Aug, 2008
Family Guy by far, the Simpsons may have been first, but Family Guy is waaaay more funny. I like the style of family guy more, how they always flashback to random situations.
| 13:50 EDT, 13 Aug, 2008
I never got too into The Simpsons, but I have to say when I watch now and then, I don't laugh out loud much where as watching Family Guy, I sure do!
| 13:07 EDT, 13 Aug, 2008
The Simpsons!

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