'Breaking In': Michael Rosenbaum talks Comic-Con ep, 'Goonies' and his Superman shirt


Michael Rosenbaum is in heaven.Before you jump to any conclusions, we should clarify that he's in nerd heaven: Comic-Con. Well, "Breaking In's" version of The Con anyway.Rosenbaum fans can see the actor in action (and costume) at Comic-Con tonight, May 4, on an all-new episode of the FOX comedy. Contra Security, with new addition Dutch (Rosenbaum), heads to Comic-Con to recover the first print of "The Goonies" sequel (not actually happening, sorry to crush your dreams) that has been stolen by a Ninja Turtle. "Goonies" and Ninja Turtles? We. Love. This. Show. So how does "Breaking In's" version of The Con compare to the original? "I think they've replicated it pretty well," Rosenbaum, who has been to Comic-Con, says. "What's Comic-Con without Darth Vader or stormtroopers or Boba Fett or Gandalf the Great or Yoda? We've got 'Avatar.' We've got it all. It's nerd heaven and I'm definitely a nerd."While some of his co-stars are...



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