Will 'The Voice' Lose Its Momentum Now That the Blind Auditions Are Over?

Something about 'The Voice' struck me as I was watching the second two-hour episode of blind audition rounds last night: The show doesn't seem like it's been completely thought through yet, does it?
And the thought wasn't just during the shockingly thrown-together "second chances" portion of the show, when it seemed like the producers had to scramble to figure out what to do when the auditions were over and the coaches hadn't yet filled their teams.
No, the thought came to my mind even before the episode aired last night, because I knew that this was the last round of blind auditions. For a show that's been so heavily promoted around those auditions -- and the great ratings the show has gotten have made that promotion pay off -- where does it go from here? Is it going to lose momentum now that its main gimmick is over?



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