'Survivor: Redemption Island': Hardest challenge ever?


Not a lot of suspense on "Survivor: Redemption Island's" latest episode, but the loved ones are there and there is what looks like one of the most exhausting challenges ever.Post-TribalThe Omers are pretty excited they've rousted all the Zapatera people, though as the guys at Redemption Island point out - if any of the four of them make the Top 3, they will totally win the money. Natalie starts crying because it's all getting too much for her. Luckily, this is the family member episode! In the morning, they get a Sprint phone in treemail telling them to come to the duel, but they get videos from home first. Meanwhile, the Redemption Island guys get a Sprint phone as well with their own videos.Redemption IslandBefore the four-way duel, Jeff tells them the winner of the duel will get to spend time with their loved one. The challenge is breaking tiles with a ball. First three...



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