First Look at the 'Gossip Girl' Season 2 Premiere

Two weeks from tonight, Gossip Girl will return to the CW to kick off its long-awaited sophomore season. When we last left the Upper East Side, everybody was in the process of hooking up with someone new. Nate and Serena were finally bonding again, Chuck and Blair were on the cusp of romance, and Dan and Vanessa were rekindling their friendship. The premiere of season 2, entitled "Summer, Kind of Wonderful," finds the gang stirring up trouble in the Hamptons, and fans might be shocked to discover who ends up with who.

To prepare for the new season, Kristin at E!Online unveiled four clips from the premiere episode. Check them out below.

In the first clip, Chuck (Ed Westwick) takes time to groom himself so he can prepare to woo Blair when she arrives in the Hamptons. Serena (Blake Lively) catches him checking himself out in the mirror, and after noticing a bouquet of flowers on the bed advises him not to go near her friend.

The next scene takes place after Chuck realizes that Blair (Leighton Meester) has found a new beau named James. Mr. Bass tries to show off his knowledge of Blair's Audrey Hepburn obsession at the lunch table, but only succeeds in pissing off B and boring everyone else.

In the third clip, James realizes that Blair is just using him to make Chuck jealous. Being Blair, she readily admits that she doesn't really care about the guy and finds him boring.

The final scene is one that's been used extensively in the Gossip Girl commercials all summer. Nate runs into trouble when the husband of the married woman he's been sleeping with comes home in the middle of their little liaison. This scene is really just an excuse to get Chace Crawford in his boxers, but I doubt many fans will complain.

The premiere looks completely fab, doesn't it? I'm especially excited to see more of the Blair and Chuck drama, and I'm also intrigued by C's line about Serena being in a fake relationship. Was she using someone to make Dan jealous, perhaps? We'll find out when Gossip Girl returns on September 1.

And now for your view.....

Which clip is the best?

1) Serena facing off with Chuck

2) Chuck causing drama at the lunch table

3) Blair getting rid of James

4) Nate getting tossed out in his boxers

Comment with your view!!!

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Aug 19, 2008 7:42AM EDT

Hehehe uuu I ordered Gossip Girl today and it got sent:)I think that Serena is obviously pretending to date Nate to make Dan jealous which I think she actually do.. That is why Dan also ends up in the Hamptons:) Or what do u think Laguna?I think that Nate getting tossed out in his boxers is the best:D

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Aug 19, 2008 7:45AM EDT

yeah it is lol

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