'Cougar Town': It's 'The Council'

The headline says it all. The Cobbs can get through anything! I know you’re (probably) not a Cobb, but I have faith you can make it through this recap. So let’s chat "sorry, we still cringe at the titleCougar Town.

Kirsten was officially planning her move to Chicago. Since locking her to a pipe with a chain was not a valid option, Travis furthered his plan to propose with his great-grandmother’s ring. I must note the rejected plans: 1) Skipping the ring altogether and putting a baby in her. 2) Pimp-whacking her over the head. Yeah, a proposal was really his only option.

Per Jules’ request, Grayson (kind of) took interest in Travis’ life. It was all fun and games until Grayson learned Kirsten would say no if/when Travis proposed. At first, Grayson tried to steal the engagement ring ("he’s going Gollum on us!") to avoid telling Travis what he knew. But being pancaked by Kevin seemed to have a truth-telling effect: "She’s going to say no." Read More...



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