'Cougar Town' Moment - Jules Loses Her Wine to a 'Shark'

There's a reason why, instead of doing full-fledged reviews of 'Cougar Town,' I just concentrate on moments: it's because, in a lot of ways, each episode is organized as a series of moments, rather than one with an A-story and a B-story.

Sure, there has been the recent through-line of Travis and his quest to get his girlfriend Kirsten to stay by asking her to marry him. But the rest of each episode is generally distinguished by its easygoing hilarity.

I'm talking about scenes like Bobby and Andy sumo wrestling in Jules' house, or Grayson's schoolgirl-like crush over Lou Diamond Phillips, or Laurie getting a tiny wine glass named "Little Richard" as punishment for creating "The Council," which served as a kangaroo court for the Cul de Sac Crew. So the review becomes more about which scenes were funny than about how the series is progressing.

And the scene I picked to talk about this week is no exception. It was funny, sure, but also silly and basically was there to show how different tidbits of story can come together for one heck of a punchline in a scene. Read More...



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