'Justified' 2.13 'Bloody Harlan' Recap and Review

While "Bloody Harlan" is no "Bulletville," it's satisfying in its own way, and I can already see the possibilities for season three playing out in my head.

We start with a familiar scene: Raylan walks into Art's office. This time, he's asking for another month off, which Art agrees is a good idea. Then Raylan adds that he wants to transfer back to Glynco and return to his former job as a firearms instructor. Art needs to think about that one. Not the answer Raylan was hoping for.

Doyle Bennett rolls up on the general store looking for his mother. He tells Mags that Boyd Crowder wants to parlay, which Dickie is vehemently against (no surprise). Mags is wary, as she knows they've all been tripped up by Boyd for various reasons. She doesn't know that Boyd is meeting with a friend of Doyle's, who is not happy about her deal with Black Pike Mining and thinks the family has "had their way far too long." In fact, he's gunning for Doyle's job.

Loretta's foster siblings are all headed off to school, but she's not feeling well. Or is she bluffing? Well, she's certainly being watched by that shady dude in the car.

Raylan finally wakes up and tells Winona that going back to Glynco is going to be harder than he thought. She takes this as him not really wanting to go. Oh, and she's pregnant. This motivates him to say that they're going to leave, even if he has to change careers. At least he has his priorities straight. Read More...



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