CRIMINAL MINDS “Out Of The Light” Review

CRIMINAL MINDS "Out Of The Light" Season 6 Episode 22 – This week’s Criminal Minds saw the BAU hunt for a missing girl after her friend is found brutalized, having fallen from a cliff and landed splat onto a road. It was a pretty good episode of one of television’s most popular shows.

One major thing bothered me, and I’ll get this out of the way before moving on to say what I liked about the episode, and that is: the woman in peril trope. It’s something that has been used since the beginning of storytelling, and of course, when taking the premise of Criminal Minds into account, the vast majority of serial killers are men who target young women. However, this does not make me any less queasy about watching a show that cuts between the main cast investigating the case to a young woman sobbing and screaming helplessly while she is tortured. And I love violence; my favorite film last year was Kick-Ass, I’m a huge fan of Tarantino, it’s not like I dislike violence. But Criminal Minds is like the PG-13 version of Saw or Hostel. It’s gratuitous yet they don’t show what causes the pain. The show instead ‘artfully’ pans the camera away from any action of violence, just as the old films would pan away to suggest a sex scene. It’s not that I want to see the television version of Irreversible, but could someone please explain to me in what way did it serve the story to show the young attractive white female in tatters and tears throughout the show? We already saw what had happened to her friend. Did we need to cut back to her to see her going to the bathroom? To see her call him ‘daddy’? To see her raped? Read More...


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