HAPPY ENDINGS “Of Mice & Jazz-Kwon-Do/Dave of the Dead” Review

HAPPY ENDINGS "Of Mice & Jazz-Kwon-Do/Dave of the Dead" Episode 6 & 7 – The people over at ABC sure like serving up double doses of Happy Endings don’t they?

First up tonight was "Of Mice & Jazz-Kwon-Do" where Brad tries to set Max up on a date with the most boring guy, like, ever and Max finally has to take drastic measure to prove to him that he’s gaycist. Meanwhile Dave starts hanging out at his old place and Alex thinks it’s because he’s having feeling for her again. As it turns out, Dave doesn’t so much miss Alex as he does living in her nice place, with pretty soaps and without people who use his shirts as napkins. Jane and Penny decide to take self defense classes and basically spend the whole episode kicking each other’s asses with rubber knives and fake guns. Read More...



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