Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior "The Time is Now", Season 1 Episode 10 – Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior returned this week with "The Time is Now", and gave us our first flashback murder, taking place in Los Angeles 10 years ago. This served as a precursor to a rather odd episode that had a couple good moments, but overall fell flat under its own premise.

I was excited to see the return of Richard Schiff as FBI director Jack Fickler, Cooper’s boss. However, I was even more excited that Jack sounded like he was giving us the reason for the Red Cell team! Since day one, this has been by far my largest complaint with this series, that there is really no clear differentiation between this show and the original Criminal Minds. They both seem to take the same kinds of cases, deal with the same kinds of killers, and they’ve done a very poor job of telling us why this Red Cell team even exists. In the first scene of this episode, we get Cooper actually asking Jack why they don’t just get the original team to do it! I was so excited to get the answer, but all I get is Jack giving some BS answer about Cooper being just as qualified, followed by Cooper saying "So Hotch can’t do it?" You know what Jack says? Yep! He’s on a case in Florida. Read More...


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