BREAKING IN “Take the Movie and Run” Review

BREAKING IN "Take the Movie and Run" Episode 5 – Oz and his wacky band of merry misfits take on that massive media blitz known as Comic Con when they have to protect a precious copy of Goonies 2 from the teeming hordes. You know, I can remember a time when I used to tell people that my week-long vacation every July was for Comic Con and get met with nothing but puzzled looks. Nowadays it seems like everyone and their dog shows up and multiple television shows are being set there.

Not that I mind though, I was giggling through this whole episode. From the prank war that started with Cash gluing Cameron’s chair to his ass and moved to Cameron sending an orgy to Cash’s house, to all the hysterical and nerd-tastic jokes, this show proved to me once again that it is only going to keep on getting better. Read More...


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