JUSTIFIED “Bloody Harlan” Review

JUSTIFIED "Bloody Harlan" Season 2 Episode 13 – When you sit down to watch an episode of Justified, there are a few things that you know. You know that somebody is probably gonna get shot and you know that somebody is probably gonna die. That being said, this had to have been one of the bloodiest episodes of this series so far and it earned its title for sure. Not that the body count was all that high, but boy there was a lot of shooting going on.

The first one to take a bullet is Ava. Boyd decides that he wants to talk things out with the Bennetts and they, devious that they are, decide to use that time to go after his people. They called in a local doc to come and see to her but looks like we’re gonna have to wait until next season to see how she fares. Read More...



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