Survivor: Redemption Island "You Mangled My Nets", Season 22 Episode 12 – The beginning of "You Mangled My Nets" really brought something into perspective with me: This whole Redemption Islandthing is getting a bit out of hand. My original understanding of how it would work is that two people would battle for a spot on Redemption, and then one person would be left behind like a version of ExileIsland. However, now the group around the campfire at Redemption is almost as big as the group in the main tribe! Despite how big of a bummer it must be to be on Redemption, since you only have a slim chance and re-entering the game, now they’re making it look like a good ol’ time! Four guys all sittin’ around the campfire, telling jokes and laughing! It looks like fun! This is not what I was expecting at all!

This episode was apparently brought to us by Sprint, the makers of the Epic 4G smart phone! Theproduct placement on Survivor has always been pretty goofy, but at least the Sprint one ties in well to communicating with loved ones. At least none of it was as egregious as the glorified Outback commercial from Survivor: Heroes Vs. Villains last year. That was just obnoxious. Read More...


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