MODERN FAMILY “Mother’s Day” Review

MODERN FAMILY "Mother’s Day" Season 2 Episode 21 - Nothing says "Mother’s Day" like a hike, or so Gloria and Claire think while Cam doesn’t want Mitchell thinking of him as a mother and Jay misses his own mom. Only MODERN FAMILY could tie all that together with enough laughs–and a few tears–to make the half hour fly by.

"Sometimes I want to punch my kids." Claire is nothing if not honest; not to mention funny. She and Gloria need to spend more time together because they are a fabulous pair. "Ay, Diablo!" As much as I love Manny, of course his habits would irritate Gloria once in a while, so that’s fun to hear ("He’s persnickety-bwah!"), but it’s nothing compared to her throwing Claire under the bus. That is simply a thing of beauty. It’s also always a good thing to have the kids playing off each other because they are all so different but with a palpable connection–so rare on a TV show. They also ring true as kids. "If we’re thoughtless, how can we think?" I remember making one smart-ass remark too many and having either my mom or dad give me that Claire look. Love that she takes Alex’s water. Hee. Read More...


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