Interview with 'Supernatural' Star Mark Sheppard: 'I've Become a Liar'

There's a price to pay for being an awesome guest star on many of the coolest sci-fi and fantasy shows on television, and Mark Sheppard knows that price more than anyone. "I've become a liar," he told BuddyTV.

Indeed Sheppard, who has had roles on everything from Battlestar Galactica and Firefly to 24 and Medium, and who can currently be seen as Crowley, the King of Hell, on the CW's Supernatural, is an expert liar. When Crowley was seemingly killed back in December, he knew his character was still alive, but he had to lie to everyone he talked to about it. When I spoke to him, he wouldn't even tell me where he was or what he was eating because any clue to his whereabouts might tell fans what show he's currently working on, which could spoil a big surprise reveal. Read More...


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