'Bones': The 'silence' before the storm


If you watched the preview of next week's "Bones," chances are you aren't really in the mood to rehash "The Signs in the Silence," but maybe focusing on this for a while will help us not think about the looming death-sex-pocalypse. ... still not working? Well let's recap anyway. Our all-time favorite gal Caroline Julian (Patricia Belcher) interrupts Booth (David Boreanaz) and Brennan (Emily Deschanel) discussing Brennan's maternal prospects (!) with an interesting case. A deaf and mute girl is a witness/suspect to a murder and the only way to figure out if she committed it or not is by looking at x-rays of her bones. Well, here's a twist we haven't seen before -- and an excuse to bring up some long-simmering Brennan issues. For the squints: The young girl, Amy, arrives covered in blood and dirt, fighting off attempts at x-rays or any examination, but her inability to communicate and clear history...



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